Great Lakes Scrip

Through the Great Lakes Scrip program (, we have access to a multitude of gift cards for everything from gas stations and restaurants to hotels and retailers, such as Walmart, Target, i-tunes, Starbucks, clothing and department stores. Each retailer offers an individual cash back amount ranging from 2-14 percent that goes directly into your student's account.

Shop at Kohl’s? Purchase a Kohl's gift card through Great Lakes Scrip to pay your charge account bill and earn cash back for your student's account. Going on a vacation? Purchase gift cards for hotels, gas stations, restaurants and rental car companies and you'll be putting cash back into your child’s account. Got a home improvement project coming up? Pay for your supplies with a Home Depot or Lowes Home Improvement gift card and receive cash in your student's account.

Each month different retailers offer special incentives with larger cash back amounts and we will keep you posted on these via the Yahoo e-mail system. Orders are placed monthly. Gift cards are usually received wtihin a week to ten days and are distributed at all PAB meetings and once a month after school in the chorus room.

If you have questions about Great Lakes Scrip gift card ordering, contact our Fundraising Coordinator.